Frequently Asked Questions

  • What remote controls will the Remote Skins fit?

Remote Skins will work with the DISH Network 2X.X remotes, 32.X remotes and the 4X.X remotes. Now available for the 50.0 and 52.0 remotes!

  • What are the Remote Skins made of?

They are made from durable PVC/TRP.

  • What colors are the Remote Skins available in?

The available colors are red, green, blue, and pink.

  • How do I install the Remote Skins cover onto my remote?

Place bottom of remote inside the bottom of the Remote Skins cover. Wrap cover around the top of the remote. You’re done!

  • How do I clean my Remote Skins cover?

You can safely wash your Remote Skins cover with soap and water. Do not use any cleaners with harsh chemicals.

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