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the VIP treatment for your DISH remote
Cindy wrote... My mom got me and her one of these and they are wonderful. Easy to find if it gets misplaced and don't slip off couch arms. I just ordered a blue one for my sons room.
Curt wrote... Rickey,
I want to tell you my uncle just went through heart surgery- at home on the mend in Hershey PA.
A Dish subscriber, I gave him one of the remote covers you gave me. I think he had thanked me 3 times- because it doesn't slip off his t-shirt- just as you described.
Thanks again- thought I would share this, great product.
See you soon,
Curt Hannah, PPC
Troy wrote... Our customers really love the new (Dish REMOTE SKINS)
Rickey wrote... Protects your furniture, no scratches. The wife loves it!